Why is knowing my personal life important to your business?  Well, first off, business is run by people, people who have hid themselves from their personal pain and and drown themselves in their work, however, their pain shows in their work.  From clouding their professional decisions, to infecting their focus and worst of all, shutting down their creativity.  Without creativity, business fails. 


Well for starters, I am not some high priced coach who got a degree and tries to  tell you what to do.  I am a coach who’s been broke, homeless, raped at gunpoint, survived domestic violence and hell, I have even been abandoned since I was 17 to the streets of NY.  Don’t believe me?  That’s your problem.  I am not here to sell you me.  I am here to walk with you because no one was there to walk with me when I needed it most.  There were no life coaches in the early 80’s that I could tell my fears to or wipe my eyes etc.  I despise people who teach without having the hands on walk.  I love to listen, I love people, I love helping others get to the heart of things while teaching them to accept responsibility without all the pity party bullcrap.  After all, stuff happens but we don’t have to let it define us. ​

It wasn't easy pulling myself up, to raise my three children and hold my sanity without them knowing I was hurting.  In this little journey of life I have found that a lot of people men and women alike,  from celebrities to CEO's and even everyday folks, all have been through some sort of storm. Although, now successful, many still hold the pain and it shows.  The public sees it, no matter how much money you make, how much you smile and no matter how much makeup you wear.  The pain is evident.   That is where I come in.  You see, I  have come to understand that it's one thing to be successful, its' another to be prosperous.  Prosperity is not about money, its about your overall being.  No amount of money can heal you.  However, I can help you "let it go" and get back on track.  

Give Me 30 Days, And Watch Your Pain  Dissolve and Your Business Increase....